Sunday, February 17, 2013

Burning Markers for vehicles

These I purchased for $10 USD from a local hardware store called Menards.
They can have thier batteries replaced and there is an on/off switch on the bottom.
 Here is what the candle looks like when it's on.
 These cotton balls can be bought at a pharmacy for like $1 USD.
Stretch out the cotton ball and hot glue it around the candle.
Spray with black spray paint very lightly all over, then more and more concentrated until it's almost all black at the top and there you go.  Takes about 5 min to make one of these.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


 My Entire German Collection.  The Amor from left to right are a 250/1 Hanomag, 234/2 Puma, Panzer II, and a 6Rad.
 NCO's and Troops with MP40's
Germans with KAR98 Rifles
 LMG armed Infantry
 Panzerfaust armed rifleman.
 9 man Waffen SS cavalry "Florian Geyer Division"
 Infantry armed with MP44's
  Medic, Panzerschreck and Flammenwerfer teams.
Tripod MG42 MMG and 81mm Mortar Teams

Sniper Team "Captain Fuzzyhat"
 FJ Assault team
 FJ 2nd Lt and Medic
 Italian Airborne Allies!
 Pak40 75mm AT gun, 150mm Nebelwerfer, and Flakvierling 38
 FJ fire support team (2 LMG)
 FJ tripod mounted MG42
 FJ 81mm Mortar Team
PanzerBusche 41 Sqeeze Bore 2.8cm AT gun
FJ  Forward Observer and/or spotter.

1000pt French Force Completed!!!!

Picture of Entire Force
 Regular Infantry Section 1
 Regular Infantry Section 2
 Light Mortar Team
 2nd Lt. and his command squad
 Hotchkiss MMG team.
 Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Team
 R40 Medium Tank
 Groupe Franc Veteran Infantry
 Panhard 178C Armored Car
Model 1897 75mm Light Howitzer.