Wednesday, January 23, 2013

French Forces (miniatures that I have!)

 Full Current French Models
 Infantry Section 1
 Infantry Section 2

 Light Mortar Team
 2nd Lt. and Command Staff
Company Medic (scared look in his eyes!)
Renault R40

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

New Vichy French List:

I have purchased these mini's but am awaiting a few things to arrive.


(Regular) 2nd Lt. - pistol
----2 additional men w/ pistols

(Regular) Medic


(Regular) 11 man Infantry Section
10 rifles, 1 LMG

(Regular) 11 man Infantry Section
10 rifles, 1 LMG

(Veteran) 10 man Groupe Franc
9 rifles, 1 LMG, AT grenades


(Regular) Light Mortar (using a battery of 3 rifle grenadiers on a stand)

(Regular) Hotchkiss MMG

(Regular) Boys Anti Tank Rifle Team

(Regular) 75mm MODEL 1897 FIELD GUN (Light Howitzer)

(Regular) Panhard P178 Armoured Car using the same stats for the AMC SCHNEIDER P16 HALF TRACK

(Regular) Renault R40 Tank



1000pts exactly

Here is my Vichy French Renault R40 Infantry Tank.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Next Three Panels In.

Ok so I am starting my next three panels after having to repair them when I got home.  The glue wasn't sticking so I got out some screws and ran them in at angles and fixed that problem.  Anyways, the three flat panels are the last of the 12, they are just going to be flat so I gesso textured them and set them to dry.  It's coming together nicely.

Fumes everywhere!!!!

OK the silicone I used for the water effects was the most toxic stuff I have had the pleasure of dealing with... I put on TWO masks to block out what I could and worked fast with my fan on and windows open in my workshop... wow is all I can say.  A little dry brushing on the sand, and I should be ready for the next couple panels.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My collections so far:

German Models

Italian Airborne Squad with 2 x LMG, 2 x SMG, Rifle -- 114pts
Assault Italian Airborne: 5 x SMG -- 80 pts
251/1 Hanomag with MMG -- 89pts
80mm Mortar Team -- 50pts
MG 42 MMG Team -- 50pts
Hetzer 38t (papercraft model as I am testing it before I buy one) -- 210pts
Heer Veteran Grenadiers: 4x rifle, 2 LMG, 1 SMG -- 134pts
Heer Grenadier Riflemen: Rifle x 10 -- 100pts
Heer Grenadier Riflemen: Rifle x 7 -- 70pts
Heer Sniper Team - 50pts
Heer Grenadier: Rifle x 4, SMG, LMG -- 83pts
Heer 2nd Lieutenant and team: 3 x SMG -- 70pts
Heer Medic -- 30pts
Fallschirmjager Medic --30pts
Fallschirmjager FO and Spotter -- 90pts
Fallschirmjager Assault team: AsR x 4, SMG, 2 rifles, 2 x Pzrfst -- 124pts
Fallschirmjager Static Suppression Team: 2 x LMG, 5 x Rifle, SMG -- 134pts
Fallschirmjager MG42 MMG Team -- 65pts
Fallschirmjager 80mm Mortar Team -- 65pts
Heer Panzerschreck Team -- 80pts
Heer Flamethrower -- 50pts
Heer Pak 40 75mm AT gun -- 110pts
234/2 Puma -- 160pts
Panzer IV Ausf. J -- 235pts
9x Waffen SS Cavalry - mounted, fanatics --192pts

Total: 2465pts

Individual Models:

3 x STG44 German Heer
3x German Heer Riflemen with Panzerfaust
3x German Heer LMG (MG34)

Soviet Models:

2nd Lt with 2 staff all with SMG (Regular) 70pts
Infantry Nco+4 men all with SMG (Veteran) 80pts
Infantry Nco+9 men SMG, LMG (Regular) 123pts
Infantry Nco+9 men SMG, LMG (Regular) 123pts
Infantry Nco+10 men, SMG, LMG, Tank Grenades Inexperienced) Free!
Maxim MMG Team (regular) 50pts
Zis3 Field Gun (regular) 50pts

Total Points: 494

French Models:

60pts -- 2nd Lt Regular plus 1 extra rifleman
23 pts -- Medic regular
123pts -- Regular French Infantry Squad A:
9 rifles, 1 pistol, 1 LMG
123pts -- Regular French Infantry Squad B:
9 rifles, 1 pistol, 1 LMG
165pts -- Upgunned R40 Medium Tank

Total: 494pts

Left on the sprues

Assembled some guys from the left overs hanging on the sprues of the 2 germany infantry boxed sets I got.

Here are some more LMG guys to add to squads.

And some riflemen with Panzerfaust
And finally some more Assault rifle guys.

Demo Battle

FJ Squad A
FJ Medic
FJ squad B
FJ 2nd Lt.
FJ 80mm Mortar
Heer 2nd Lt.
FJ 500pt list (from warlords army deal)
Papercraft Hetzer.  (Been a month and my tanks have still not arrived)
Heer 80mm Mortar
Heer MG42 MMG
Heer Pak 40 75mm AT gun
Heer Squad A
Heer Squad B
Heer Squad C

Heer Squd D  (Used my Vichy French Allies here for a German Squad)

The next shot is various pictures of the americans and the germans going at it.