Thursday, September 12, 2013

How I base gun and team weapons - Bolt Action

I start by cutting out of hard plastic sheet I buy from Menards for about $30.  On of these plastic sheets can last me about 30 bases.

Now I apply a thin coat of air dry clay on the bases covering it to the edges.

Now I press all the guns/miniatures into the clay to the top of their bases to make the bases even with the clay.

Now I let the clay dry.  The clay will crack and shrink a little.  After it does that, I remove the clay carefully and use PVA glue to re-attach the clay to the base.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bolt Action: Poland 1939 Blitzkrieg - Envelopment

The Polish player setup the board, pretty much a mirror each side.
Here is the battlefield. Germans attacking from the north, the polish defending the south.
The polish forces 1300pts.

2nd Lt Regular + man -Rifles
3x 8 regular rifleman with 1 wz.30 (BAR) each
2nd Lt. Veteran (10th Cav) + man with Rifles
3x 7 man Veterans with 2x wz.30 (BAR) each
2x Vet. AT Rifle teams
1x Forward Artillery Observer
75mm Light Howitzer
wz.36 Light AT Gun
2x TKS tankettes with Autocannons
1x 7TP Light Tank with Twin Turret MMG's

German Force 1300pt - Poland 1939 theatre selector

Regular 2nd. Lt with 2 men all with SMG's
4x 10 man Regular squads with SMG, 8 rifles, LMG
7 man Gebirgsjager squad
2x 251/1 Hanomags Forward MMG
Regular MMG team
Veteran AT Rifle team
Inexp Medium Mortar
6RAD Armored Car
Panzer IIc Tank

Preparatory Bombardment does zero casualties but inflicts pins across the polish.

First turn shows the germans fully deployed. The beginning die pull was the Polish who fubared a Rally on the light artillery, which fired on it's own 8 man regular squad, inflicting 5 wounds and failing command, they fled the board. The second die came to the germans whose Panzer II shot and killed the TKS Tankette on the far side of the river.

 Fubar Arty fires on the squad in front of it.
Squad is wiped out!  (5 kills and a failed command check)
Panzer II takes out a TKS across the river.

Turn 2 - German halftracks rush the center and deploy the gebirgsjaeger and Heer squads. The Gebirgsjaeger get wiped out from concentrated fire from the polish and the heer suffer some wounds. The German mortar hits on a 6 on the Polish AT gun, pinning it and killing a man. The germans rush the bridge, taking fire from ambushing poles in the woods and the building. The Polish FAO places the arty marker on the sport with where the green die is in the middle by the river crossing, right in the midst of the german 2nd Lt.

Turn 3 - Halftracks advance, providing cover for the troops. The Panzer II makes it to the river edge. AT rifle shoots the Polish FAO, killing him. Field artillery and poles in the building wipe out the germans on the bridge. German mortar once again finds it's mark and kills the polish AT Gun in the woods. The Twin Turret 7TP shows up and sprays down pinning fire on the germans crossing the river.

Artillery Observer rolled a 1. I moved the poles' marker to where that bottom green D6 is. Pinning all his veterans, but not killing anyone.

Turn 4 - Two squads of germans (10 men in total) board a hanomag, and it shoots off the board giving me and early 9-2 lead. The PanzerII crosses the river, and the German AT Rifle in the field kills the 7TP twin turret. The veteran polish are rallying from the miscalculated artillery drop on their heads.

Mid game action shot on the river.

Turn 5 - Turn 5 sees the other halftrack make it off the table, the panzer II is getting pinned by AT rifle fire and from the last TKS tankette that FINALLY made it from reserves. German squad near the river are wiped out. The germans on the bridge assault the polish Artillery and kill the crew. They are in turn killed by the poles that assault them from the building.

Final Turn - The remaining germans fight with what little they have left. The Panzer II is imobilized in the river by the TKS tankette. The germans respond with a medium mortar shot on the tankette killing it. The Polish advance and fire, wiping out the german MMG.

The game ends with a Score of Germany 21 - Poland 12.

Nice game.