Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Speed Painting Russians

Hello Folks!  Long time since the last update.  I was on facebook and I read that something that the company 1stCorp were at a tourney and had a squad of British Airborne stolen from them.  (Sorry guys)  I went to look at their miniatures and saw they sold a 12 man unit of SMG armed soviets. Now my soviet army is very lacking in various units, mainly SMG equipped guys and Armor.  So 1stCorps crappy advertising, via a stolen blister, lead me to buy a pack of guys from them to augment my soviets.   Now the pack of guys came in a padded envelope and at first glance I thought there were not 12 guys in the bag, and when I counted them, I thought they were more on the 25mm scale and not as tall as the 28mm miniatures.  Boy was I wrong, they are a lot chunkier and thicker almost like Crusader miniatures lines of models.  Anyways, on to the speed painting.

 Here we have the Automotive gray primer on the Squad NCO.
 I painted on a couple thin coats of Middlestone on the whole model.
 Heavy wash with Agrax Earthshade, left to dry in front of my table fan.
 On these, I wet brushed (like drybrushing but a big brush that is noticably still wet) vertically on the miniature to leave the dark in the recesses.  ONLY VERTICAL brush strokes here.
Here is the back of the wet brushing. 
Not I painted the wood bits with brown, the straps and packs with the same brown. The gun barrel with a mix of black and gun metal.  The skin tone I use a color from walmart called light mocha. Boots I panted black and highlighted the edges with a dark grey.
Rhieklander flesh wash on the flesh parts and agrax earthshade wash over the wood stock and the packs.
And Ta-Da you are basically done. 
All twelve models batch painted this way and done all the way to sanding the bases in a little over 2 hours.