Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Forces on the Table - German Speed Painting

In a continuation of the Force on the Table, we now deal with Germans.  These Germans are basic Heer, mainly early to mid war, without the Zeltbahn make-your-tent-into-a-poncho.  So this would work on German Blitzkrieg or Late War German plastics, but you could use the technique on the grenadier for the M40 Tunic and Trousers.

First you start out with the German NCO with MP40 primed Black

I paint the cloth parts of the uniform with Citadel's Mechanicus Standard Grey, the skin with lite Mocha.  The gun, boots,and straps on the uniform are black.  The Gaiters are khaki.

The entire model sans the gun and skin is not hit with Athonian Camoshade wash. and the skin is hit with Rhieklander Fleshshade.

Using a light Green color, I hit the raised areas and the parts of the model that will get hit by light.  The Gaiters I re-hit with spots of highlighted Khaki, and the boots with a lighter grey color.

Once again, I hit the entire model with a 50/50 mix of Athonian Camoshade and water.  The boots with a 50/50 with Nuln Oil and water.

The rest of the model, I hit the gun with steel color and wash with full strength Nuln Oil.  The "T" on the hat and the shoulders are painted white.  After this dries, put a stripe of black down the middle of the white on the shoulders.  The shovel on the back was painted with a brown handle, the food bag is green with black wash.  The water bottle, brown on the left and right  and the blanket a light brown with black straps and washed with a Brown Wash.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Forces on the Table - American Speed Painting

I told my friend who recently started a new group I would give a quick step by step for anyone that needed help getting boots on the table in a hurry, because admit it, having unpainted figures on the table sucks.

So after assembling the Americans, we prime them Black (or grey, red, white, whatever color primer you use)

The next step is base coat the model in colors you want to use.  Here I used Khaki for the putees and jacket, a color called Territorial Beige for the pants, lite mocha for the skin, English Ivy Green for the helmet, nutmeg brown for the boots.  Also painted the gun black.

I hit the entire model except skin and helmet with Agrax Earhtshade from Citadel Paint line.  The Skin gets a Rhiekland Fleshtone (from Citadel) and the helmet gets a Athonian Camoshade wash (again Citadel.)

I take the original paints again and hit the highlighted areas of the uniforms to bring out the edges and wrinkles in uniform.  Gree alont eh top and brim of the helmet.  I leave the skin alone.  Also hit the leather strap on the helmet with the same brown as the shoes above.

Now using a thin 50/50 mix agrax earthshade and water, I hit the model again with another wash to tone down the edges a little.  Some would use something called a glaze at this point, but I find this work just as well and saves you some money.  The helmet is lightly dry-brushed with the khaki to bring out the webbing on the helmet.

The helmet was hit again with a 50/50 mix of athonian camoshade and water to darken the recesses.  The gun wood parts hit with the same brown as the shoes, and the gun painted with a mix of iron breaker and black.

Model is finished.