Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Polish Army I am working on for a buddy.

 Regular Squad in a light Brown Uniform.  The helmets are all Violet Brown (Though it looks black!)
 Regular Squad with the darker brown base Uniform.  And Both TKS tankettes with 20mm guns.
 Wz.36 37mm Light AT Gun.
10th Motorized Cavalry - Veteran Squad
Here are all the Polish I am working on before I started painting them.  Top to bottom, left to right:

Forward Artillery Observer, AT rifle team 1, AT rifle team 2, Light AT Gun, two TKS tankettes, a 2 man 2nd Lt team, 3 squads of regular polish each with a single Wz.30 BAR, 3 veteran 10th Cavalry with 2 Wz.30 BARs in each squad, and finally a 2nd Lt and man.