Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Army Blog #1

I am starting a new ALLIED army for once.  Thought I would do a step by step on how I create, assemble, paint and play a new force from scratch.

Today we will be doing Greeks.

Greeks you say?  They were only in the war for like a 3 weeks!!!  I know I know, but I like the idea of taking a seemingly under powered army in Bolt Action and try to win with them on the table.....and have fun doing it.

So here goes.. playing around with http://boltaction.easyarmy.com/ I have come up with this two platoon mirrored list consisting of:

1 2nd Lt with a SMG (borrowed from the Italians of course)

8 x Reg Infantry all rifles and Tough Fighters (representing mountain troops)
8 x Reg Infantry all rifles
8 x Reg Infantry all rifles

1 x Reg Medium Mortar

1 x Reg Light AT gun

1 x Reg L3/35 Tankette with Dual MMGs

1 x Veteran FT-17 with Turret MMG

1000pts even, 16 activations

So using this resource from my buddy C-Bax of the WWPD pages, I used his articles on HIS Greeks and used it as a base start.

My package has arrived in the mail, from Black Tree Design, I picked up 48 Italian Riflemen, and a pack of 4 Italians with SMG.   These will fill in as my Greek infantry.

Next blog, I will have these cleaned up and ready to go...