Monday, November 11, 2013

White Wash Bolt Action Armor Tutorial

White Wash Bolt Action Armor Tutorial

Here is a Warlord Panzer IV ausf. H mit Schurtzen in all it's glory.  I will be walking you step by step on my white wash technique that I have been using.

After spraying the tank with a nice grey primer coat, I used my airbrush to spray a dark grey over the entire tank minus the tracks as much as possible.

Using a brush I like to refer to as "Old Sh*tty."  It's great to always hold onto old brushes that are past their prime for things like this.

Using a small amount of white paint I began stippling the schurtzen and tank with the crappy brush.

Eventually after some time your tank will look like this.

Now I took this piece of foam from a piece of electronic equipment from a shipping container at work and tore a piece of it off.  Using watered down lighter grey I rubbed it into the corner of the foam.

Rub the foam across panels and corners of the tank to give the tank the look like the tank is wearing the white wash off.  Many can stop of this part, seal the entire model, throw some decals on it and call it a day and it will look quite good.

I added some blackened areas with the foam and black paint.  To emphasize a long time in the field, perhaps a survivor of Kursk?

Adding a little bit of brown, I added some pre-mud effects to the tank.  At this point I also sealed the tank once again with a matte sealant.

I use off the shelf wal-mart oil paints to do some rust effects.  Just put a small dab of the oil paint on the tank and rub vertically down with a Q-Tip.

Here I mixed up some "mud" with Drywall joint compound, sand, and some brown paint.

I cut a "Popsicle stick" into a "tool" to apply the mud.

Mud applied to the bottom of the schurzen.

Mud applied to the tank tracks and lower running wheels.  I did not apply to the top as it's covered up by the Schurzen and you would not be able to see it anyways.

Finished shots of the tank.

T-34-85 I did in the past.